About us

 Inspiring athletes...

to be strong in faith

place their hope not in abilities, skills, or athleticism...


              ...but in the One who sustains and gives  breath and life to do all things




I'm Becca. BELIEVER. Wife. Mother of three boys. 

Lifter & Peanut Butter Addict

Owner, Fit Life Apparel



I have dabbled in the fitness world since the day I turned 18 and could purchase my own globo gym membership. Classes, cardio, yoga, lifting, Crossfit... you name it, I've tried it and love it all. But like many, at times, my fitness has become an idol. Something I put fitness before the things that matter most. I have put my hope and strength in the things I can do, rather than the things that Christ has done for me. Loving the fitness world as much as I do, there has always been an internal struggle to prioritize correctly. With the vanity and self-love that comes with the gym world, there is often little room left for the One who gives us breath to do all those things. 

I created Fit Life to inspire others to keep their eyes on the Lord first, and being fit will come with that. Being fit doesn't pertain to just the gym, but being fit in all areas of life. 







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